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Who can enter the Penthouse Club ?

Anyone over the age of 18 years old. It’s not necessary to be accompanied.
Casual attire is accepted. (No shorts or sports clothing permitted.)
A jacket and tie is not mandatory.

How much does the entrance to the Penthouse Club ?

30 euros including a drink of your choice.

How much do the dances cost at the Penthouse Club ?

One table dance: one green ticket of 35 euros.
One private dance (full nude): start from 2 pink tickets = 70 euros.
Champagne Room (½ hour. Includes a bottle of the finest champagne) = 570 €

What methods of payment are accepted at the Penthouse Club ?

We accept credit cards and cash.
We do not accept American express or cheques.
(For all credit card payments requiring a signature, you will be obliged to provide a corresponding proof of identity with surname, Christian name and signature.)

Should i make a reservation for the Penthouse Club ?

For reservations , book online (contact us) or call us at

Can i pay for the private or table dances with cash at the Penthouse Club ?

No, it is imperative that all dances be paid for in dance tickets only.
You can purchase dance tickets at the ticket booth at the entrance to the club, or from our ticket hostesses in the club area.
If you attempt to pay for dances with cash, you will be escorted immediately from the club.

Can i touch the dancers at the Penthouse Club ?

It is strictly forbidden to touch the dancers.
Correct behaviour is essential during your dance.
It is also strictly forbidden to exchange addresses or telephone numbers with our dancers.
Any infraction on these rules and you will be dismissed from the club immediately.

Can i offer a dance to the female friend at the Penthouse Club ?

Yes, of course, our club is not exclusive to gentlemen. Many couples and single women have a great evening with us.

How do you cater for Bachelor parties at the Penthouse Club ?

Please click on the link for Bachelor Parties.

Is it possible to take pictures or videos inside the club ?

NO ! It is stictly forbidden at the Penthouse club !
Thank you for understanding......

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